Management Commitment To Impartial Certification.


QSI (India)  Certifications  Private  Limited, Jaipur  is  an  NABCB  accredited   Certifying  Body.   As  a  responsible  CB, it  understands  the  importance of  impartiality  in carrying  out  the  activities  relating  to  certification  of  Management  Systems. 

The  general   principles  of  impartiality,  competence,    responsibility,  openness,  confidentiality  and responsiveness to  complaints  underpin the management  system  certification  activities,  such   that   the  Certification  document  it issues  provides  confidence  to   all   concerned  parties  that  the  certified  management    system  conforms  to  the  requirements  of  the specific  standard    and  the  certified  organization  has  the  capability  to  consistently  achieve  its    policy  and  objectives  and  provide  products  that  consistently  fulfill  requirements  - customers  as well as  statutory  and  regulatory.

QSI (India)ís own  management  system  meets  the  requirements  of  ISO/IEC  17021: 2011 and  is  effectively  implemented.   A  committee  comprising  of  persons  representing diverse  interests,  such   as  certified    customers,  industry / trade   associations,  governmental agencies  and  customer  organizations,  has  been established  to  safeguard the impartiality  of  certification  activities  and decisions.  This  Committee  has  access to  all information  and  records  and  has  the  authority  to  take  any  appropriate if,    its  advice  or  recommendation is not  respected  by the management.

The  threats  and  conflicts  of  interest  that  have  the  potential  to compromise  impartiality  have  been identified  and analyzed,  and  measures  to  eliminate  or  mitigate their  pressure  on  impartiality  have  been  incorporated  in  system.

Certification  decisions  are  taken by a competent  Certification  Board,  whose  members  are  qualified    and  diversely  experienced,  based  on  a critical  review   of the audit  conclusions  supported  by objective  evidence.

The entire certification system  is  transparent  and  everything  about  it  is available  in the public  domain.

QSI (India) is    committed  to  treat  any  proprietary  information  accessed  during  the assessment, with  utmost  confidentiality.

A complaint  resolution  process  is in place  for  prompt  response  and disposal  of  complaints  received  from  any interested  party.

In short, QSI (India)  endeavors  its best  to  provide  value  to  the organization, its  customers  and  other  interested  parties,  through its  certification  and  to  sustain  public  confidence  and trust  in certification on  a continuing  basis.

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