International Accresitation Forum (IAF) Codes for Certification Program
Industry Category


Industry Category Code
Agriculture, Hunting Forestry & Fishing 01 Aerospace  21
Mining and Quarrying 02 Other Transport Equipment 22*
Food Products, Beverages and Tobacco 03+P Manufacturing Not Elsewhere Classified 23*
Textile and Textile Products 04* Recycling 24
Leather and Leather Products  05* Electrical Supply 25
Wood and Wood Products 06* Gas Supply 26
Pulp, Paper and Paper Products 07+ Water Supply 27
Publishing Companies 08+ Construction 28+P
Printing Companies 09+ Wholesale and Retail Trade: Repair of Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles and Personal Household Goods 29*
Coke and Refined Petroleum Products 10 Hotels and Restaurants 30+P
Nuclear Fuel 11 Transport, Storage and Communications 31
Chemical, Chemical Products 12+P Financial Intermediation, Real Estate, Renting  32*
Pharmaceuticals 13 Information Technology 33*P
Rubber and Plastic Products 14* Engineering Services 34+
Non-metallic, Mineral Products 15 Other Services 35*
Concrete Cement Lime, Plaster etc. 1* Public Administration 36*
Basic Metals and Fabricated Metal Products 17* Education 37+P
Machinery and Equipment  18* Health and Social Work 38+P
Electrical and Optical Equipment 19*P Other Social Services 39*+P
Shipbuilding 20 Instruments (Including medical devices & goods) 40
         * Scope approved P - Partial + applied for . contact us for current status
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